Parchment and Marble Card/Paper

A range of very high quality card stock, in a mix of pastel shades with subtle textures - Suitable for cards, invitations and use as insets/overlays.

Standard Stock

PC01 - Pewter
PC02 - Champagne
PC03 - Smoke
PC04 - Vellum
PC05 - Natural
PC06 - White

Standard Stock

PC07 - Mint
PC08 - Sky
PC09 - Blue
PC10 - Lilac
PC11 - Rose
PC12 - Apricot

Standard Stock

MA01 - Grey Vein
MA02 - Dawning
MA03 - Roseglow
MA04 - Sunset Pink
MA05 - Showers
MA06 - Marble White

Standard Stock

MA07 - Olympic Ivory
MA08 - Grecian Tan
MA09 - Pyros Pink
MA10 - Agean Blue
MA11 - Corinthian Green
MA12 - Spartan Grey

Standard Stock

MA13 - Lavender
MA14 - Pink
MA15 - Trojan Grey
MA16 - Sun Glow
MA17 - Seashine
MA18 - Delphic Green

We offer a wide range of materials and colours for our
invitations, cards and scroll boxes.

If you don't see what you want, please ask and we will be happy to see if we can supply you with exactly what you require. We will supply a sample upon request.

Standard Stock Materials/Colours are usually available from stock.
Special Stock Materials/Colours may have to be ordered.

Please note, the pictures are not always true representations of the actual colour,
although we hope they are a close match.

The range of available colours/materials/textures/weights is subject to change.