The finest, hand-finished Wedding Invitations, just for you.

Our Wedding Stationery is usually made up of matching sets of Invitations, R.S.V.P.s, Orders of Service, Menus and Place Cards, finished with co-ordinating ribbons, wax seals and monograms. These are complemented by matching envelopes or boxes. Each is personalised with your exact details.

The Classique Wedding Stationery Collection is very special.

The designs are all exclusive to Imprint Studios, and each is made to order.

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Wedding Etiquette

At Imprint Studios, we like all our stationery to be designed exactly how you want it - It's your stationery for your special occasion.

You will probably be thinking about colour schemes for dresses, suits and flowers etc. How about having stationery that echoes these colours?

Although we produce traditional white or ivory stationery with silver and gold lettering, you might like to consider one of our bold colour combinations that will both complement your chosen colours and also the time year, be it spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Or perhaps you like to dare to be different? We will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Other things you need to consider are wording for the front and inside of invitations etc, the style of the lettering used and any hymns and prayers required. You also need to have a good idea of the number of invitations you require. Reprints can be costly, although we will usually include a number of spares.

Co-ordinated Sets

All your stationery can be ordered as complete matching sets or as individual items, as required. Personalised stationery sets the seal on your marriage plans.

First, you must decide on the style of your wedding and then select a design and colour scheme to complement it.

Main Invitations

Whether your wedding is at a Church or Registry Office, you will need to send invitations to guests about eight weeks before the big day. This will allow plenty of time for replies to be received so you can make plans for the rest of the occasion.

Your invitation contains all ceremony information as well as the location of the reception afterwards. Invitations should also include a reply address or better still, a reply card.

If you wish, you can supply your own wording for your invitations or you can look at our examples for ideas.

Reply Cards / RSVPs

These are usually a small card included with the invitation. They can be in self-addressed envelopes or postcard format. As guests reply, and accept or decline your invitation you can be sure you will be able to make accurate plans for the reception.


Some of our envelopes are handmade. They are designed with two purposes in mind. First, they complement the scheme of your stationery, in design, colour and texture. Second, they are made out of materials that are more suited to protecting their contents. Normal envelopes cannot do this.

As an alternative, some of our designs are supplied with handmade boxes that are more suitable to that design, e.g. scrolls. Again, they are made for co-ordination and protection.

The envelopes and boxes can also have matching liners to enhance their look.

Evening Invitations

If you are having an evening reception or party after the main reception, you will need these to invite additional guests. These are of course designed to co-ordinate with all the other stationery.

Orders Of Service

You will probably want to supply your guests with an Order of Service. This should include hymns, psalms, prayers and any special wording. Again, the design matches the rest of the stationery.

You should allow one Order of Service per guest, and don't forget the Clergy, Choir and Organist. You will probably need to discuss the content of these with the Priest or Minister.

Don't forget to include the Bridal and Wedding Marches and their composers. For your hymns, please supply the wording required. Note - If a hymn is still in copyright, you are requested to obtain permission for its inclusion from the copyright holders.

Menus, Place Cards And Seating Plans

Place Cards are essential for showing guests the seating arrangements at the reception. A Large table plan is often displayed at the entrance to the dining area, which we can provide.

Thank You Note Cards

Finally, you will want to thank all your guests for attending and for any gifts you have received. You may wish to include new address details. These are also matched to the other stationery, complete with envelopes.

The Finishing Touches

Many of our designs include ribbons; wax seals and personalised decorative monograms. These add that little bit extra, to turn your special occasion into a beautiful reflection of your style and individuality.

All stationery is printed with the wording and names you supply. For an additional charge, each invitation can be pre-printed with guest's names, along with the place cards.

We offer a very wide range of type styles. These include traditional, modern, script and fancy fonts. These can be selected form our recommended list or you can dare to be different...

The ink colours we use in preparing your stationery, are part of our whole co-ordinated philosophy. You don't have to be boring and have black! The thermography process can further enhance the print by adding a raised, glossy effect.

Finally, we would like to congratulate you on your
happy day and hope that our stationery will make your day
that little bit more memorable.